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1. Like or follow us @TundraTechnical on any platforms above

2. Upload a photo or video of yourself and how you #GoBeyond in your work or daily life.


3. Tag #GoBeyond and @TundraTechnical on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

4 a) If posting a picture, write a brief caption about why you should be #1.

b) If posting a video, your video must be one minute in length or less. The object of the contest is to provide the most compelling description as to how you Go Beyond in your daily life.

5. All pictures and videos shall be “appropriate” and not contain material that violates terms and conditions of each platform. Tundra may untag itself and report photographs and videos containing what Tundra believes is inappropriate content.

Deadline to enter is July 25th.

Good luck!

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